Society and its problems As we live in a very modern society fully using the gifts of nature and technology it is not surprising, that we often observe different problems of people, who have lost the feeling of responsibility and humaneness. It concerns everybody, children and adults. Children at schools no more play on the playgrounds, communicating with each other normally, help each other without waiting for something in response. They are playing virtual games, spending hours writing messages, watching movies and competing with each other on who has better clothes or cell phones. Moreover children had become more independent and self confident. It is good, that they know now their rights, but it is more than bad that they offend their parents, do not respect them and talk rudely to them. Adults have their own problems, in spite of being more experienced and smart. Alcohol, drugs, gambling are their ways of escaping from responsibility, everyday life, resolving home problems. Most of crimes happen because of alcohol and drugs. So many children suffer from violence by their parents being drunk or drugged. So many illnesses exist just due to the usage of drugs and alcohol. There are so many deaths caused by this, and no one can reduce its rate for so many decades. I think that we as modern humanity should take more pains to prevent our children from going this wrong way leading to nowhere, just death and pain. No one knows his destiny and future, but it is in our power to fight the distribution and usage of drugs and alcohol in the society, and especially among young people. We need the right authorities which will realize the responsibility for the people, and heaviness of this burden. Only together we can open the real future for our children.